Holidays & Tears

Holidays can be hard.

This is the second holiday season without my Mom.  Some days are just hard and the tears can come out of nowhere!  I recently posted a picture on Facebook of a Peanuts Gang Ceramic Collection my Mom painted for me probably close to 40 years ago.  I see them daily but on Thanksgiving when I shared a post and likes came in, I teared up and reflected on all those Monday nights my Sweet Mama spent making beautiful things.

I had hoped that was the last of the tears but nope, I had another cry fest a couple of days later after watching the movie Robot & Frank.  It certainly touched a tender place in my heart.  The theme of that movie was about a man with dementia and how his family tried to manage the disease.  As someone who has lost a parent to dementia, it hit really close to home.  Honestly, having a loved one with dementia sucks!  You literally lose pieces of that person over years.  First general forgetfulness but later they can become completely dependent.  It can take a toll emotionally and physically.  If you too are dealing with this new season, although sad, hard and often frustrating, spending time with that person is not in vain.  There are good days and tough days but you won’t regret the time spent together.  Cherish the memories!

I lived that season for almost 5 years and the last 2 were really rough.  As women we are natural caregivers and nurturers.  We don’t plan on our parents having dementia but it is more prevalent today than ever in history.  Making the decisions are tough, you’re still a their child but now you’re caring for them like your own children and often times while still raising your own children.   All you can do is your best.  I don’t really know if you can ever truly be prepared but I do know now, there are definitely things to get in order while they still have their cognitive abilities .  I’ll save that in another post.

Now matter what season you are in, God is always there.  I have grown closer to Him over the years and Christ is my refuge!  My husband and I have remarked that our life together has been one life event after another.  I honestly don’t know where I’d be with out His Love, His Grace and His Shelter.  I leave you with this verse may it bring peace and comfort.  “But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you,”  2 Thessalonians 3:3.

I hope you are encouraged and know that you are never alone and His mercies are new every morning.  As we journey through Christmas, the tears may come again but I know it is the memories that touch my heart and I will always have them to cherish until we see each other again.